Gör din egen Hammock, del 2 / How to make your own Hammock – Part 2

På Ray Mears blog, http://www.raymears.com/blog, har de lagt ut en guide till hur du gör din egen hammock. Den ska släppas i 4 delar och nu har den andra lagts upp.

Nedan ser du guiden, dock enbart på engelska:

”Make a small Bowline Knot in the first piece of rope and put the loop around the nail in cross B. Zigzag the rope loosely around the nails of the first and second row. When you reach the last nail in the first row, put the rope around the last nail in the third row and turn to the last nail of the second row to make your first knot (see Figure 3A & 3B).

Figure 3A - The StartFigure 3A – The Start
Figure 3B - The First KnotFigure 3B – The First Knot

The knot that you make is the Sheet Bend. It’s a nice flat knot that contributes to the comfort of your hammock. Figure 4 shows how to make this knot as you work from right to left; Figure 5 shows the example when you work from left to right.

Figure 4 - Right to LeftFigure 4 – Right to Left
Figure 5 - Left to RightFigure 5 – Left to Right

Remove the rope from the board:

If you have reached the last knot on the board (that is, the first nail of the second row) remove the work from the board. Pay close attention to the fact that the knots and loops sit properly and do not capsize or turn over (see Figure 6).

Figure 6
Figure 6

Now you have to remove the nail in the spot marked B. Cross the stick or broom handle through the first row of meshes and the Bowline Knot – this is to keep the work taut (see Figure 7). Then hook up your work on the first row of nails and continue as Figure 7 indicates.

Figure 7
Figure 7

The sequel is now clear. You just have to fill the board again with the Sheet Bend knots. Remove the work from the board again and hook the new meshes to the first row of nails again. Make sure that the tension of the rope between the knots is about the same. This gives the best result at the end and a hammock of the greatest beauty.

If you have finished the last meshes, put a nail in cross C (or D) and then end up as you started with a Bowline knot.

How to determine the length of your hammock:

The length of your hammock is equal to your body length plus 50 cm. Measure yourself, but take into account the fact that a freshly knotted hammock may stretch quite a bit. One maze of the mesh of the hammock is about 14 centimetres.

Example: my body length is 173 centimetres, add 50 centimetres this comes to about 220 centimetres. Divided into lots of 14 centimetres, this makes about 16 meshes. Therefore, the hammock described here is 16 meshes long.

To be continued in Part 3…” Del 3 kommer snart…


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